Corporate transformation coach   ·     Award-winning keynote speaker   ·     Proven entrepreneur

Helping Companies to Grow Exponentially

Many companies and consultants claim that they can help you transform your business.  80% of the time, they leave behind a presentation, an invoice, and no change to speak of.  Emilie can help your company grow exponentially via an action-oriented approach to futurist strategic planning.

Emilie is the Chief Executive Officer of ExO Works, a global consulting firm that coaches teams within Fortune 500 and other large corporations to protect their business from technological disruption and build new business lines that could swiftly become more profitable than their core business.  It helps them adopt the same methods that have propelled the world's fastest growing companies into exponential growth.


Emilie's Keynotes and Workshops share the practical, straightforward and fun processes that she has already used successfully with her clients.

ExO Works leverages the methodology developed by its Chairman, Salim Ismail, the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, who also advises Heads of State and CEOs of the world’s largest organizations on how to survive and thrive in the era of accelerating change.