Exponential Approach


Emilie Sydney-Smith coaches corporations, funds and municipalities on how to survive and thrive in this time of intensifying technological disruption. 


Emilie helps clients create highly practical solutions to their risks, while developing investable new initiatives.  Emilie's message and programs are informed by her insider understanding of what potential investors and key executives deem compelling, effective and transformational.  One client stated, that "we would not have survived without her”.


Emilie helps identify trends emerging in seemingly unrelated industries that could have a devastating or boosting ripple effect on her client’s industry, catching most competitors unaware.  These game-changing technologies include 3D printing, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, digital medicine, driverless vehicles, drones, genetic engineering, quantum computing, robotics, solar power, the internet of things and virtual reality.  She also illuminates the multiplier effects that converging technologies can wield on businesses.


Emilie has an unusually broad knowledge across disruptive trends and the best tools for growing companies exponentially, given her frequent evaluation of new technologies and business structures with her global network of business chiefs, tech luminaries, innovators, reformers and government leaders.  She typically consumes a tech book and large volumes of tech news every week so that she can sort the hype from reality.


Emilie is a Certified ExO Consultant and agent with ExO Works, whose purpose is the global transformation of business, and the related non-profit Fastrack Institute, which is accelerating technology into society.


Most recently, she helped clients design potentially exponential-growth initiatives involving Blockchain, fintech, distributed renewable power generation, healthcare personalization, mobility as a service, digital platform design, and financial inclusion for the unbanked. 


Corporate transformation clients include the C-suite and senior managers at: