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TOPIC 1: How to Emulate the World's Fastest Growing Companies


  • Case studies of how ExO Works developed initiatives with under $10 million investment over two years resulting in +$100 million per annum gains for companies such as Visa, HP, P&G, BHP and Rio Tinto, with a 75% success rate.

  • Coaching staff to love continually finding ways of doing things tenfold better.

  • Going beyond traditional cost cutting and operational changes.

  • Bringing in the 11 attributes shared by the world’s fastest growing companies that help them scale up initiatives with less effort.

  • Demonstrating why companies wasted $3.5 trillion on corporate innovation over the last decade while Big Tech created $7 trillion in value.

  • Navigating the corporate immune system to implement innovations with high returns.

  • Unscrambling your “spaghetti ball” of data and software to get value-driving insights.

  • Accessing the right global experts in the right exponential technologies and business strategies.

  • Moving beyond commodified industries to share in the $90 trillion of brand-new industries that will be created in the next 25 years.

  • Practical tips on how to get started.



TOPIC 2:  Bringing Purpose and ESG Goals Profitably into Companies


  • Improving the world at scale can be highly profitable… and is easier to accomplish than you think.

  • How to define and implement Massive Transformative Purpose at a personal, corporate or project level.

  • Case studies of how we developed purpose-driven initiatives with under $10 million investment over two years with +$100 million per annum gains for large companies like Visa, HP, P&G, BHP and Rio Tinto with a 75% success rate.

  • Lessons from helping some of the world’s biggest polluters find win-win new ways to go green.

  • Attracting a loyal community who buy into your purpose and actively help your company grow.



TOPIC 3:  A New Era of Wealth Creation


This keynote is designed for investors and board members.  It leverages Emilie’s decade of Wall Street private equity experience.

  • How Exponential Organizations are reconfiguring the world economy and rendering old investment assumptions obsolete.

  • Why we are living amidst the greatest wealth creation ever seen.

  • How to measure whether individual companies are ready to compete and grow.

  • Strategies to transform companies if they are not future-ready.

  • How to convince executives to think like those leading the world’s fastest growing companies.

  • Creating new markets instead of only focusing on highly commodified old industries.

  • ESG case studies: purpose-driven companies making +tenfold returns on their new initiatives.



TOPIC 4:  How to Get Started with High Impact Innovation


  • Proven lessons of what to do and what not to do.

  • Imagining the future - what might matter more or become obsolete?

  • Anticipating customer needs in a new way and co-designing solutions with them.

  • Using new tools and technologies to meet those customer needs tenfold better than before.

  • Achieving a tenfold improvement in business efficiencies and profitability.

  • Creating a fly wheel – letting your customers and suppliers help you scale up easily.

  • Leveraging your company’s existing talents and resources in new ways.

  • Implementing the processes, skillsets and mindsets.

  • Creating psychological safety and a sense of purpose for innovating.

  • Practical tips for navigating the corporate immune system to get high impact innovations implemented. in practice.

  • First steps - getting started today.



TOPIC 5: Brainstorming of New Exponential Initiatives


Emilie leads outcome-obsessed brainstorming sessions, so that you can immediately start putting new technologies and business methodologies to profit-driving use. 


She helps companies determine how to implement the same processes that were instrumental in making the world’s fastest growing companies into multi-billion dollar “unicorns”.


She often then helps companies to implement those new initiatives and access her global network of business chiefs, tech luminaries, innovators, investors, reformers and government leaders as partners, suppliers and customers.



TOPIC 6: Developing Your Talent to Become Brilliant Innovators


These sessions are designed for HR and Learning & Development Teams.

  • ​Successful innovation, embedding future-ready skillsets and updating culture: these are only achieved when done as a single project.

  • How to transform your Talent team from a cost centre to a profit centre and gain strategic influence.

  • Innovation can be exhilarating and career defining for staff, not a cause for PTSD.

  • How to boost morale and triple your retention of your A-players.

  • The stealth way to achieve diversity and inclusion success.

  • Who to hire – accessing the vital skillsets of the future.

    • Your company and staffing were probably designed for answering clearly defined questions with specific answers, so what do you do now that the ability to navigate uncertainty and complexity will determine your company’s future?

  • Bringing the rest of the staff along the journey and comfortably learning those skills.



TOPIC 7: Favourite New World-Changing Technologies


This is a fun keynote or interactive one-day workshop sampling of the most mind-blowing new technologies that will soon transform our lives, health, economy, environment, democracy, safety and pursuit of happiness.


Emilie describes major breakthroughs occurring in a series of accelerating technologies like renewables, sensors, 3D printing, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, robotics, biotech, drones, cybersecurity, and private space projects and how they may impact your industry and your customers' needs. She describes the convergence of these technologies, which are turning "nice to have" single-play ideas into "must have" problem-solving products.  She helps audiences trace the flow-on effects that may surge through unexpected industries and society as a result.  Emilie is actively working with clients on utilizing each of these technologies, so speaks from insider experience.


We are now inundated with an overwhelming amount of information.  Although everyone comes across many new technologies, it can feel chaotic working out where they fit into the big picture of accelerating change.  Emilie sorts the hype from reality, so that you know where to focus.  She arms you with a vision of the whole “chess board” and how each piece relates to the others.


She devotes the preparation time to tailor each session to the client or industry, rather than giving canned speeches.  Each client is brought dozens of actionable ideas.



​​TOPIC 8: Testing the Truth of Futuristic Visions in Movies


Emilie’s husband is an Oscars voter and Academy member, so she often talks technology with leading filmmakers.  She is also a futurist advisor to filmmakers through the National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange.  In this session, we watch futuristic movie clips and together debate the likelihood of such visions becoming reality.  This fun, interactive session is suited to geeks, closet geeks and all mere mortals.

Emilie Sydney-Smith moderating a panel on endometriosis in New York
Emilie Sydney-Smith at ExO Works Summit London giving keynote about exponentia organzations and social technologies

Explore how Emilie can help your organization grow exponentially.  All topics can be presented as a Keynote or facilitated as a Workshop.  To boost the outcomes of workshops, Emilie can also tap into her network of exceptional coaches to work intensively with each team of 4 – 6 participants.

Emilie Sydney-Smith giving a keynote presentation at Excellence in Oil and Gas in Sydney
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