KEYNOTE: How to Emulate the World's Fastest Growing Companies


As a result of accelerating technological disruption, a new breed of businesses is scaling ten times faster than other organizational structures – exponential organizations – while many established companies are failing.  Emilie describes the eleven shared attributes of the world's fastest growing organizations, and reveals how your company can most effectively implement those attributes to scale just as fast.  We are living amidst the greatest wealth creation ever seen, so learn how to harness these new engines of wealth. 

WORKSHOP: Favorite New World-Changing Technologies


This is a fun, interactive one-day workshop sampling of the most mind-blowing new technologies that will soon transform our lives, health, economy, environment, democracy, safety and pursuit of happiness.


We are now inundated with an overwhelming amount of information.  Although everyone comes across many new technologies, it can feel chaotic working out where they fit into the big picture of accelerating change.


Emilie succinctly illustrates/showcases the main technologies and business trends disrupting our world, to arm you with a vision of the whole “chess board” and how each piece relates to the others.  She shares how “killer apps” are emerging for each technology, which can dramatically improve lives and profitability.  She also explores the existential risks from each. 


She devotes the preparation time to tailor each session to the client or industry, rather than giving canned speeches.  Each client is brought dozens of actionable ideas.



WORKSHOP: Brainstorming of New Exponential Initiatives


Emilie leads outcome-obsessed brainstorming sessions, so that you can immediately start putting new technologies and business methodologies to profit-driving use. 


She helps companies determine how to implement the same processes that were instrumental in making the world’s fastest growing companies into multi-billion dollar “unicorns”.


She often then helps companies to implement those new initiatives and access her global network of business chiefs, tech luminaries, innovators, investors, reformers and government leaders as partners, suppliers and customers.

KEYNOTE: Investing in Tomorrow's Exponential Organizations

Emilie combines her decade of private equity, venture capital and investment banking experience with her work on transforming some of the world's biggest companies into Exponential Organizations to advise investors around the world. She shares how to evaluate the potential of companies to delight future customers amidst accelerating market changes and avoid being disrupted.  She help investors spot companies that are leveraging new business tools to achieve tenfold improvements in cost, productivity, profits and influence.  She also helps sort the reality from the hype on emerging technologies.

WORKSHOP: Testing the truth in futuristic visions in movies


Emilie’s husband is an Oscars voter and Academy member, so she often talks technology with leading filmmakers.  She is also an futurist advisor to filmmakers through the National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange.  In this session, we watch futuristic movie clips and together debate the likelihood of such visions becoming reality.  This fun, interactive session is suited to geeks, closet geeks and all mere mortals.

KEYNOTE: How to Profit from Disruptive Convergence


Emilie describes major breakthroughs occurring in a series of accelerating technologies like renewables, sensors, 3D printing, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, robotics, biotech, drones, cybersecurity, and private space projects and how they may impact your industry and your customers' needs. She describes the convergence of these technologies, which are turning "nice to have" single-play ideas into "must have" problem-solving products.  She helps audiences trace the flow-on effects that may surge through unexpected industries and society as a result.  She tailors this analysis to each specific audience.



KEYNOTE: Prosperity Amid the Clash of Ideologies


Accelerating technological disruption is widening the gap between tech optimists and those being economically and psychologically left behind or alarmed.  When presenting to organizations, Emilie explores the impact that this widening gulf is having on global governance and society, and describes the balance we need to find in developing safe, beneficial technologies for humanity.  She explores how the audience can best position themselves and their families to prosper from the coming technological disruptions.

Explore how Emilie can help your organization grow exponentially via hands-on workshops or keynotes.